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Quotes "Dharmesh is enthusiastic, energetic person who always inspire as a physician and homeopath. He has a immense motivation for non profit social development. His approach to the patient management is unique with personal care and sound homeopathic philosophical background. His extra clinical intrests in research and history make him a good academician." Quotes
Dr. Navnit Vachhani
Independent Homeopathic Consultant

Quotes Dharmesh is hardworking,confident,ambitious & transparent person serving the humanity through homoeopathy. He believes in following the true feel with his strong philosophical mind. He is a unique combination of positive energy & appropriate action based learning. I always feel that he is A true dedicated homoeopath for the service of mankind...!!! He likes and believes in philosophy of Socrates. THE RIGHT FEEL always guides the RIGHT action! Quotes
Reshma Surve.
Paediatric MD (Homoeopathy). MO at Paediatrics MLD Trust,Mumbai

Quotes Dr Dharmesh is among the most high-spirited people I have ever met. I find him always full of enthusiasm, high energy and delight at spreading positive energy. Immense brilliancy as an MD Homeopathic and his global leadership of Health Saviours Team shows that "Life favours devoted." Effective execution & dazzling confidence separates him from the rest. Quotes
Kaushal Joshi
Research Scientist @ Advinus Therapeutic Ltd

Quotes Dharmesh is a hardworking,confident guy who works from within invoking a motivation,inspiration and confidence to his colleagues. He is a firm beliver in positive attitude and thought broadcasting.his ideals and principles are worth following. September 30, 2011 Quotes
Dr. Rajendra Patel
MBBS, Participant ChallengeFuture 2011

Quotes Dharmesh is a highly qualified doctor who is one of among few homeopaths who are following fundamentals,along with good practice skill. He has been gifted with poetry writings, which serves inspiration to many beings around whole world through international publication. December 22, 2011 Quotes
Dr. Bharat Sakhija
Founder, Sakhija Homeopathic Clinic

Quotes Dr Dharmesh Bhadja is very interesting personality. His thought process & analytically skills are highly impressive. Dr is international writer & leader in true sense. His positive attitude with strong commitment always leads his initiative at larger scale. He is perfect combination of medical & managerial skill for his vision for betterment of global citizen especially for the health. Quotes
Kataria Jatin
Strategist & Connector

Quotes "Dharmesh is dedicated, enthusiastic & committed student. He remain always positive to anything new. Very Ambitious, Zealous & ardent follower of Homoeopathy." June 14, 2011 Quotes
Kalpit Sanghvi
Chairman and Managing Director, Homoeopathy World

Quotes "I had a great time working with Dharmesh, leading an online group of youth writers. As the leader, Dharmesh was extremely responsible as well as a visionary person who could enthuse his own passion in medicine and apply them in life with others." May 7, 2012 Quotes
Sayanee Basu
Community Development, Challenge:Future